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Our Courses

ESEPOL 5217, Comparative Perspective on Education, Globalization and National Development
ESEPOL 6000, Introduction to Educational Policy
ESEPOL 7100, Education Policy Writing
ESEPOL 7224, Educational Policy Analysis in Contemporary Culture
ESEPOL 7225, Approaches to Policy Inquiry
ESEPOL 8209, Cultural Processes in Education
ESEPOL 8312, Governance and Control in American Education
ESEPOL 8352, Educational Policy in Democratic Society
ESCFE 7222, History of Educational Policy
EHEPHL 6250,  History of Education
EHEPHL 6410,  Philosophy of Education
ESETEC 6223, History of Educational Technology
ESETEC 7229, Technology, Society, and Education
ESHESA 7568, Higher Education and Public Policy
ESHESA 7569, Higher Education Governance and Policy Analysis
ESCFE 8201, Social Foundations of Education
ESEADM 8310, Educational Change
ESEADM 8361, Social and Political Contexts in Education
ESEPHL 8410, Ethics and Education: Equality, Freedom and Justice in Schools
ESEADM 8421, Inquiry into Teacher Education
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