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Here are some recent writings by faculty affiliated with the Education Policy Program:

Nespor, J. (2018).  Elite Business Schools and the Uses of Visibility.  In R. Bloch, A. Mitterle, C. Paradeise, T. Peter (Eds.) Universities and the Production of Elites (pp. 251-270).  Palgrave, Macmillan. 10.1007/978-3-319-53970-6

Nespor, J. (2017).  Populism, Expertise, and Ethnography.  In Y. Akbaba and B. Jeffrey (Eds.), The Implications of the ‘New Populism’ for Education (pp. 115-127). New Cottage, UK: E&E Publishing.

Nespor, J. & Voithofer, R. (2016).  ““Failure” Irrelevant: Virtual Schools and Accountability-Immunity. Teachers College Record, 118:

Nespor, J. (2016). Future Imaginaries of Urban School Reform. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 24 (11).  http://epaa.asu.edu/ojs/article/view/2179

Goddard, Y. L., Goddard, R. D., & Kim, M. (2015). School instructional climate and student achievement: An examination of group norms for differentiated instruction. American Journal of Education, 122(1), 111-131.

Miller, R. J., Goddard, R. D., Kim, M., Jacob, R., Goddard, Y. L. & Schroeder, P. (2016). Can professional development improve school leadership? Results from a randomized control trial assessing the impact of McREL’s Balanced Leadership program on principals in rural Michigan schools. Educational Administration Quarterly, 52(4), 531-566.

Goddard, R. D., Goddard, Y. L., Kim, E. S. & Miller, R. J. (2015). A theoretical and empirical analysis of the roles of instructional leadership, teacher collaboration and collective efficacy beliefs in support of student learning. American Journal of Education, 121(4), 501-530.

Jacob, R., Goddard, R. D., Kim, M., Miller, R. & Goddard, Y. L. (2015). Exploring the causal impact of the McREL Balanced Leadership program on leadership, principal efficacy, instructional climate, educator turnover, and student achievement. Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 37, 314-332.

Allen, A. & Roberts, K. (Summer, 2017). Evaluating the Implementation of the Early College Model Through a Theory of Change. International Journal of Educational Reform, 26(3): 250-257.

Stringfield, S. C., Plano Clark, V. L., Dariotis, J. K., Allen, A., Carr, K., Morrison, A., Farley, A., West, J. A., Robert, J.K., & Sellers, G. (Summer, 2017). Successes and cautionary notes from a two-year study of the Ohio Network of Education Transformation. International Journal of Educational Reform, 26(3): 209-232.

Allen, A. (2016). School Choice Policies and Practices in the United States, South Africa, Spain and Canada. Global Education Review, 3(2): 1-3.

Allen, A. & Saultz, A. (2015). Parent Trigger Policy, Representation, and the Public Good. Theory and Research in Education, 13(3): 351-359.


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